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World Poverty,

a look at causes and solutions.

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World Poverty
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About Us
World Poverty is independent and is not a government, religious or charity associated website, and is not a Wikipedia mob type site.
Without being limited by the types of editorial policies common in such organisations, we will try as far as we can to give the real truth on poverty to an extent that others may often not manage.
Launched in January 2007, this World Poverty site hopes to gradually build up to a more substantial resource over time. Site content is by Vincent Wilmot 2007-2020, except the Ricardo essay in the Economic Poverty section which is as stated Vincent Wilmot 1986 and the poverty maps which are as referenced. You can see a brief autobiography at Vincent Wilmot.

You can contact World Poverty by email to vincent@world-poverty.org - just click the button - contact icon

Or if you prefer write to Vincent Wilmot, 166 Freeman Street, Grimsby, Lincs, DN327AT, UK


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